Dilpa and Ben marry at The Larmer Tree – Sunflower Styley!

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This was one of my most exciting weddings of all time! Although the table designs were very simple with a High and Low concept of Sunflowers, it was all the other extras that made this day so special.

I met Dilpa and Ben through local wedding planner, Suzie Prout of RSVP Wedding Planning and Design. I have worked with Suzie on numerous occasions and always felt that we had a good working relationship.

RSVP Wedding

Suzie Prout – RSVP Wedding Planning and Design

Dilpa and Ben lived in Singapore, therefore all communication was done via Skype and email. We finally met about 5 months before their wedding at their stunning venue, The Larmer Tree. I had never done a wedding here before, so I was instantly blown away with the grounds, the buildings and of course, the peacocks!

The Larmer Tree was one of the first Victorian Pleasure Gardens. Situated on the Dorset/ Wiltshire border, it is an extraordinary example of Victorian extravagance and now home to free roaming peacocks and pair of macaws.

It was also a perfect opportunity in meeting Gail, the venues ‘wing man’ and organiser for the day. Gail turned out to be the most accommodating organisers I have every met – she was brilliant – helping in an way she could.

So the first thing we need to think about was the Bridal designs. Dilpa was an keen fan on Pinterest and regularly added designs to her board. The them of the wedding was Sunflowers and Gyp. Once the Bridal designs were organised, it was time to think about the Ceremony itself – and wow it was the most moving moment to witness.

ipho030914 003

Hanging Jam Jars, filled with Gyp . . .

Sunflower Aisle

Sunflowers aisle . . .

The aisle was dressed with Hanging Jam Jars, filled with Gyp and a over 160 sunflower heads were suitable placed on the floor. It was so striking.

The beginning of the aisle was a masterpiece of all masterpiece’s! We build a wooden arch and decorated it with suitable foliage’s, Ivory Roses, Gyp and hanging Amarythus.

It was a challenging piece to design and also very heavy! After the ceremony, the arch was removed and placed over the doors to the wedding Breakfast. .

All Jam Jars and Sunflower heads were reused after the Ceremony in Garden walk ways and bushes!

So – what other interesting things did we do? Well – we hung over 60 Jam Jars (with LED Lights) on a tree and The Jubilee Hall had the perfect ceiling to hang over 40 Paper Lanterns in Ivories and Yellows . . .


ipho030914 007

Hanging Lanterns in the party room!


Hanging Jam Jars

Hanging Jam Jars – this will certainly be impressive in the evening when dark . . .

At the Larmer Tree, the new Pavilion had recently been built. You can have the option in 6ft Round tables or 6ft Long tables which can be doubled up to 12ft. Ben and Dilpa decided that they wanted 3 long lanes . . . This then was an easy decision on what to do with the flowers. As the tables were going to be only 2ft wide, the arrangements needed to be slim and raised. The table designing over the 3 lanes, consisted of 9 tall designs, to bring yellow up high, and 18 low designs. All filled with Sunflowers and Grass.

ipho030914 012   ipho030914 015

ipho030914 018

The new Pavilion was a blank canvas, so we could do anything!

ipho030914 014

Sunflower Surprise!

I have received a few snaps from Ben and Dilpa’s professional photographer, Andy Rapkins. The wedding will also feature in a national Bridal Magazine, so as soon as we have received a copy, I will ensure to link you in!

The Larmer Tree

Beautiful setting and grounds at The Larmer Tree


Here come the Bride – through the ‘famous’ arch!

Larmer Tree

The Happy couple


More stunning settings at The Larmer Tree


Dilpa and her girls . . .


“Thank you Natalie for executing our vision so perfectly last week at Larmer Tree Gardens! You did the most incredible job – Ben and I loved everything from the aisle archway down to the tables and tree jar lights. We really appreciate everything – BIG thanks D&B xxx”