Bridal Bouquets

Hand Tied Bouquets

Overarm Bouquets

Shower Bouquets

Teardrop Bouquets

from £70.00

from £50.00

from £95.00

from £80.00

If you like Calla Lilies and Orchids, please be advised that you have expensive taste! So be aware that you may be paying higher prices than stated.

Prices may also vary due to size and content.

Bridesmaids Bouquets

Hand Tied of Gyp

Hand Tied of Roses

Hand Tied Mixture

Wrist Corsages


from £35.00

from £50.00

from £55.00

from £17.50

from £15.00

Pomanders, Hoops (can be made rustic and natural), Satin Bags and several other Bridesmaid accessories are available.

Wedding Hair Flowers

Single wired Flowers



from £1.50

Floral Head pieces

from £15.00

from £50.00

When it come to the hair flowers, we will contact your hair designer and see what they suggest is best for them to work with…


Ivory Rose Corsage

Rose and Freesia

Freesia Corsage

Orchid Corsage

Calla Lily Corsage

Grooms Special Buttonhole

Gent’s Rose Buttonhole

Gent’s Calla Lily Buttonhole

Gent’s Orchid Buttonhole

Gent’s Gyp Cluster Buttonhole

from £9.50

from £9.50

from £9.50

from £12.50

from £12.50

from £6.50

from £5.00

from £8.50

from £12.50

from £4.50

All Corsage prices include a Magnet

Table Designing

We have an extensive selection of vessels that can be hired out to you to create your perfect table centre – here are but a few:

The Highs

Martini Vases (70cm)

Candelabrums (95cm)

Lily Vases (60cm/80cm)

Cylinder Vases (60cm)

Crystal Chandelier’s

from £85.00High

from £85.00

from £60.00

from £25.00

from £85.00

The Lows

Glass Pedestal Vase

Silver Goblet Bowls

4 x 4 Mirror Cubes

Bubble Balls

Fish Bowls


Top Table Designing – Long, Low and Trailing

Top Table Designing – Long and Thin

Top Table Designing – Long, Thin with Hurricane Vases

Top Table Designing – Garlands

from £35.00

from £40.00

from £45.00

from £5.00

from £12.50


from £65.00

from £75.00

from £125.00

from £40.00

Other Requirements

Cake Tops from

Thank You Flowers

from £17.50

from £35.00

The Luxury Items

Napkin Flower with Ribbon

Pedestal Arrangements

 (Can be designed on a Stone Urn, White Urn or on an Iron Stand)

from £2.25

from £165.00

Floral Pew End Clusters

Full Floral Pew Ends

Floral Cake Designing

Thank You Flowers (in water)


Floral Table Plan (artificial)

Floral Table Plan (fresh)

Fireplace Arrangements

from £5.50

from £25.00

from £17.50

from £35.00

from £225.00

from £85.00

from £225.00

from £85.00

Props and Items to HIRE

We offer a wide range of props for hire to suit all event needs, from Candelabras and Glassware, Chair Cover, Mirrors, Lanterns, Table Plans and much, much more! Prices available upon request.


  • Ivory Royal Mail Post Box with Personalised Insert
  • Floral Table Plan
  • Mirror Table Plans
  • Long Burn Tee Lights and Holders
  • Lanterns – Rustic, Silver, White and Gold
  • Mirrors – Round and Square


  • Ivory Carpet Runner
  • Vintage Ladders
  • Charger Plates – Red, Gold, Silver and Clear
  • Log Slices – Selection of Sizes
  • Draping and Fairy Lighting
  • Hanging Paper Lanterns
  • Ivory Acrylic Plinths
  • Urns – Ivory and Stone
  • 5FT Letters – LOVE, MR & MRS
  • Sequin Table Clothes and Runners
  • Hessian and Lace Runners
  • Crystal Chandeliers
  • 95cm Silver Candelabras
  • 95cm Gold Candelabras
  • Martini Vases – 70cm
  • Fish Bowls – Clear, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold
  • Glassware – wide selection available
  • Rustic Containers
  • Jam Jars
  • Archways


  • Chair Covers – Cotton and Lycra
  • Sashes and Chair Drapes
  • Chiavari Chairs – Limewash