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Bright and Beautiful Summer Flowers


You know summer is upon us when vibrant and bright fashion, home decor, food, and our favourite summer flowers start showing up. As this sunny season rolls in every year, Mother Nature celebrates by gifting us with lovely, bold blooming creations. From classics, like sunflowers and daisies to uncommon but just as noteworthy aster and cornflower, these summer flowers are not only beautiful but reinvigorating and uplifting.
This summer we’re seeing an explosion of colour with brides daring to choose a beautifully bright and bold scheme for their wedding day summer flowers.
If you are planning a summer wedding, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to the options you have for your floral bouquets. This season boasts the greatest selection of in season flowers, meaning you will have a lot of options regardless of your budget and tastes.

What Wedding Flowers are available in summer?

• Agapanthus
• Peonies
• Roses
• Stocks
• Hydrangeas
• Dahlias
• Sweet Peas
• Nigella

Because there is so much choice, making a decision can become overwhelming. We have selected a few beautiful summer wedding bouquets that feature seasonal summerflowers arranged in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes to offer plenty of inspiration:

Peonies as Accent Flowers

Bright and cheerful peonies are a perfect choice for an early summer wedding. When used as accent flowers you can combine with garden flowers to add texture and colour. The bright shades of pink and yellow will be sure to make you and your guests smile.

Rustic Sunflowers

Sunflowers are one of the cheeriest blooms available during the summer, and they’re wonderful for rustic style bouquets. Here featured with gold, they are stunning!

Unusual Succulents

Succulents may be in season all year, but their soft green tones allow them to be a gorgeous and unusual option for summer wedding bouquets. Here, succulents with blush pink make this an elegant choice.

Elegant and Classy Roses

Roses are beautiful in every season. In this beautiful bouquet we have a simple elegant white and green garden-inspired summer wedding bouquet.

A bouquet of flowers lifts the spirit and brightens the home. Here are a selection of our summer bouquets that have been delivered this week!